Manned Guarding

Every customer, every property, every venue or business has its individual characteristics and security requirements

We will carry out a full assessment of your security needs and recommend the most appropriate combination of services appropriate to the property and to fully reflect the professionalism and unique profile of your organisation.

We will make regular reviews of the security operations that we embark on, in order to ensure that your security needs are consistently met and to take into account any changes over time, either in your organisation’s activities or in security risks.

Through our Manned Guarding Services, we provide the following:

Corporate and Banking

At Securteam, we understand that your business, whatever its size, needs to be protected, your assets, your teams and customers secure. By working closely with our customers, we come to understand the security needs of their business, both on site and in transit where this is relevant. We are also sensitive to your needs for discretion and for the utmost professionalism from a security service so that we work to complement the way that you portray yourself to your customers.

Securteam provides a comprehensive security service to banks and financial institutions, leveraging in the power of our partnerships with global experts in this field, Third Eye. Through detailed consultation with customers and thorough analysis of risks, we develop, implement and manage large-scale bank security projects. Through our ability to create bespoke, holistic security solutions we are able to integrate tailored controls, systems and procedures and co-ordinate these with the work of local police and fire authorities. For Securteam, as for Third Eye, quality is key, whether through the expert professionalism of each member of every team, or through the equipment and systems that we create.

Our security operatives are experienced, vetted, highly trained and selected for their exceptional skills in customer care, essential in particular when operating receptionist/concierge services. Not only do we provide professional front-of-house services for corporations, we also provide all-round security for your network of corporate premises. These include CCTV installation and monitoring, staffed control rooms, car park and delivery area control, building and external area patrols, staff and visitor searches, among others.

Commercial Sites

Whether you are running a one-off event or a network of popular licensed venues, Securteam will provide you with highly trained and SIA licensed operatives who will protect the public access points to your property. We are committed to top quality customer services, and we fully understand that our team also represents you as well as providing protection for your interests, and therefore we select specialist operatives who will help you to promote a safe and pleasant environment for your guests and employees.

Our Door Supervisors work to whatever level of discretion you choose to have at the entrance to your premises. They are skilled at diffusing any type of situation, including carrying out bag and body searches quickly and professionally if and when these are required. Our team includes male and female door staff which allows us to offer a holistic response to the needs of your venue with appropriate discretion.


Securteam has an in-depth understanding of all those risks that are faced by retail businesses. We leverage our many years of experience as well as our overall security expertise to protect your staff, your property and help your customers have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience. Our professional security operatives are competent and able to balance visible presence for deterrent purposes to minimise merchandise loss with discreet surveillance to oversee all the business’ operations and secure all aspects of your business investment. All our operatives are CRB vetted, SIA licensed and are deployed both as uniformed, visible personnel, and discreetly as plain clothed officers.

Jewellery Retail – Specialist Protection

Securteam has developed a highly specialised service in the distinctive field of protection for retail Jewellery businesses.

The threats and risks that challenge this section of the retail industry are of greater intensity and differ to those posed to other parts of the sector. Securteam offers its expert and bespoke security services at the highest standards to retail Jewellery businesses, combining a multi-disciplinary team approach with a system of advance continuous vigilance and communications to provide all-round protection to our customers.

Our dedicated security team is available around the clock every day of the year. We deploy highly-trained operatives and add a 10 year background history vetting to each team member alongside our usual CRB checks and SIA licensing. We then supplement this with specialist industry training to ensure that our clients receive the best protection possible.

We also provide discreet and secure transportation services to move high-value items anywhere in Europe and courier escort services. Your needs are our priority and Securteam’s experts ensure that all your risks are addressed and your business is fully protected to your specific and individual needs.

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