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Securteam forms part of a global network of private security providers and integrators offering clients across the world a variety of security and public safety solutions

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Securteam creates expert solutions in order to mitigate the risks faced by many of our clients. Our solutions are bespoke to each individual situation, flexible to allow for potential rapid changes of circumstances, and modular, enabling us to combine and integrate whatever systems are necessary to apply the right level of security. Our ability to combine the skills of our multi-disciplinary teams with state of the art technological systems creates effective synergies for the benefit of each and every client.

Our solutions are aimed at disrupting threats by constantly evolving and swiftly adapting and applying the most appropriate public safety and security countermeasures. Securteam integrates Physical Security with Intelligence systems to provide resilience, specialist training and situation-specific procedures to meet the challenges to public safety and security of the 21st century.

Our expertise extends to providing comprehensive security solutions in the following areas:

Transport Security

Risk Consultancy

Border Security



Cyber Security

Maritime Security

Aviation security

Public Transport Security

Critical Assets

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