Front of House

Securteam ensures that you achieve front of house excellence in the management of your reception areas as well as ensuring top quality security at all entry and access points at your commercial premises.

We fully understand how important it is for your clients to enjoy living/working in the premises. Working in close partnership with you, we will make sure that front of house and reception areas are beautifully maintained and your organisation’s welcome to the public and to staff is enhanced.

We understand that in many instances our security officers are the first point of contact with our client’s customers. We therefore train all our operatives to work to a high standard so that they perfectly represent your company image, provide ideal customer care and offer enhanced communication skills so that your customers and guests receive the best possible impression of your organisation.

Our fronts of house operatives are also highly skilled in vigilance, risk assessment and securing safety, and they are thoroughly trained in conflict diffusion and resolution.

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