London is the world’s premier event venue and Securteam is proud to provide this and other cities with top quality, comprehensive event security services.

Our customer-focused approach means that we are able to work closely with customers and with their event management teams, supplying a full security management service or complementing existing services with appropriately skilled operatives.

We believe that strong relationships with customers and all the organisations associated with an event, such as the local authority, the local police and community organisations, are crucial to ensuring that the event runs smoothly and that it is safe and secure for all concerned. We liaise closely with all stakeholders in an event, our security plan taking into account all aspects such as access issues, health and safety, attendees, responses to emergencies among others.

Securteam’s experts assess each event, taking a full 360˚ view of all risks and security needs, and planning to provide professional and well-run services to ensure the full protection of the public and all participants in the event.

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To find out more about how Securteam can help you to achieve excellent public safety and security systems for your successful event, contact us here.