• Customer Service & Support

    Securteam aim for Excellent Customer Service which bring professional, high-level customer service concepts into common currency with front-line services by offering a unique approach for delivering better services to our customers at the core of what they do.

    In order to achieve Excellent Customer Service which make a tangible difference between Securteam and other providers we focus on our customers individual needs and preferences.

    Customer Insight

    At Securteam we effectively identify our customers, their needs and how to achieve the correct outcome from our service. We always set benchmark to compare our service with other providers to ensure our customers benefit from a better value for their money.

    The Culture of the Organisation

    Securteam endorses a customer focused culture. To cultivate and embed this commitment throughout the organisation, from the strategic leader to the front-line staff, we have allocated the appropriate resources which include extensive training, supervision and audit.


    Our Customers value the accurate and comprehensive information that we deliver using the appropriate channel. Promoting effective communication and transparency and putting our customer first allow us to concentrate our resources correctly and effectively to comply with our customer requirements.

    A key to the successful approach is the direct open channel to our senior management, starting from the top end of the pyramid, that will respond immediately to any new communication from the customer rather than going through many channels.

    Critical Success Factors

    At Securteam, we are always committed to excellence. We always consider our clients' needs. Clients' satisfaction is the uppermost priority of our corporate strategy. Following are the some of the key points of our corporate strategy which give us the competitive advantage in the Security Industry.

    • Satisfied clients and customers
    • A range of products and services to meet market needs
    • Effective leadership
    • Highly effective and motivated people
    • A culture of continuous improvement
    • Effective financial and management systems
    • Access to adequate financial and human resources
    • Sound health and safety and environmental operations
    • Profitable contract wins
    • Effective processes and procedures

    Benefits of Using SIA Approved Contractors

    Continuity of Service

    Suppliers of security services who are not Approved Contractors are only abwle to deploy staff that physically hold a valid SIA licence; to do otherwise is a criminal offence. Approved Contractors could be given special dispensation to deploy staff that have completed their training and are waiting for their SIA licence application to be processed. Approved Contractors will therefore be able to offer greater flexibility and operational effectiveness when supplying security services.

    Best Practice and Continuity of Quality

    You can be confident that the employment practices of the supplier have been extensively assessed in respect of quality and best practice. Should the Approved Contractor sub-contract, you can be assured that they will only do so to other SIA Approved Contractors, thereby maintaining the integrity of your security supply.

    Leadership and Innovation

    The ACS is a progressive quality initiative. It's also a voluntary scheme. You can expect accredited providers to be highly responsive to change and swift to adopt new methods and best practices.

    The Extended Police Family

    The status of the ACS is recognised by the police and offers the potential for enhanced working relationships. The aim is to provide practical benefits through 'joined-up' police, business and community initiatives.